· Professional service team support

The Industrial City relies on the industrial resources of leading enterprises and professional teams, and uses the government's industrial support policies to set up a dedicated service center to create a complete industrial ecosystem and provide the most convenient industrial services and a good business environment for the resident enterprises.

Industry City Services

Financial license application support

Matching with professional institutions

■ Three-dimensional supporting boutique service

The Industry City aims to build a mid-level and back-end for a national fintech industry. Provide differentiated investment banking value-added services not available in other parks, and provide resources, legal, and tax services for park companies in terms of funds, assets, and corporate capital operations. (Develop the arbitration dishonest collection system of the Internet financial industry, and establish a pilot for arbitration dishonest collection in Beihai.) In accordance with the needs and characteristics of various financial back-end service industries, actively introduce influential financial institutions' data processing, insurance backup centers, call centers, and credit cards Centers, training centers and other institutions.

■ Mangrove Financial Mixed Trade Club

Initiate the organization of industry organizations such as the Asian Asset Management Club and the ASEAN Fintech Club to promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, aggregate the industry's top companies and top-level resources, enhance the industry's influence, build financial think tanks for governments, enterprises, institutions, etc., and grasp the frontiers Technology and industry dynamics.

Invite top leaders from different industries such as government, securities investment bank, PE agency, real estate company, private equity investment agency, and tripartite wealth to gather together for cross-border exchanges and open discussions, analyze the current economic situation from different industries and perspectives, explore and discover The value of cross-border cooperation.

■ Financial Asset Property Exchange

With financial property exchanges as the core, cross-border transactions, cross-border investments, financing and transfer of existing assets, and financing of non-performing assets through exchanges are introduced. Foreign investment in domestic non-performing assets is introduced. At the same time, cross-border RMB settlement and cross-border RMB loans are attempted. Pilot business of cross-border transfer of private equity investment.

■ ASEAN Cross-border Investment and Financing Center

Form an effective roadshow mechanism for ASEAN quality projects in the park, solve the problem of information opacity of ASEAN quality projects and domestic asset management agencies; form an expert platform for foreign exchange in and out of ASEAN countries, investment policies of destination countries, and legal environment to assist domestic asset management agencies Overseas investment.

■ ASEAN Financial Big Data Center and Blockchain Research Center

Promote the development and application of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, and establish research bases;

Establish the ASEAN Financial Big Data Center and the ASEAN Credit Rating Database;

Establish a blockchain technology research center, strengthen research on the underlying public chain technology, and vigorously develop core technologies.

Attract talents through research and technology, provide transformative productivity, and build the core competitiveness of the industrial city.

■ Internet Arbitration / Internet Court

Promote breakthroughs in Internet arbitration and Internet courts in the North Sea, solve the problem of recovery of non-performing assets in the consumer finance industry, and promote the settlement of non-performing assets in the financial technology industry in the North Sea, forming an irreplaceable role for the Industrial City in China and ASEAN.

■ Mangrove Asia (North Sea) Fintech Forum

Bring into play the beautiful coastal environment of the North Sea, integrate east and west, and connect ASEAN's strategic geographic advantages to the outside world, develop the rich format of influential industry conferences, training centers, and industry-university-research centers in the country. Through conferences and training, attract investment and form domestic and foreign influence force.

Regular international industry forums are held to bring together elites at home and abroad to create a first-class industry summit and promote industry exchanges and cooperation between the North Sea and the country, Southeast Asia, and the world.

■ Modern office

Industrial city office conditions are on par with international first-class financial centers. Super high-grade 5A office buildings, modern office equipment, and high-quality business services set the benchmark for financial projects in the Beibu Gulf area.

■ Holiday Office

With the advent of the 5G era, financiers no longer need to sit in the hustle and bustle of an office in a big city to direct the company's operations, but can be remotely controlled via a network. Finans are more willing to choose regions with excellent environmental resources to relax and think quietly.

Beihai, as a seaside tourist city, has a beautiful environment and a pleasant climate. The mangroves, Fengjiajiang Wetland Park, Yintan and other excellent resources around the project site can attract high-end financial professionals to work and live here.

Beihai Mangrove Modern Financial Industry City has a pro-sea low-density office area, which can well meet the office needs of high-end financial people.