Centre Intro

Mangrove Modern Financial Centre is located in the southeast of the central area of Beihai, the west of is the Feng Jiajiang Wetland Park and the east of which is the Mangrove Ecotourism Zone, only 1.5 kilometers away from the Beihai Silver Beach, “The Best Beach in the world.


(Left Beihai geographical location; right industrial city project location)

Collect energy from industries to develop the fintech center Southeast Asia

Beihai Municipal Government and professional teams work together to respond to the guidance of the 'sea-oriented economy' strategy, to grasp the strategical opportunity of 'the Belt and Road Initiative'

and to make use of the window-period of supporting policies for Build a Financial Portal for ASEAN. The attention should be concentrated on financial technology, gathering high value-added industries, introducing modern financial service industries like private equity fund, wealth management, consumer finance, financial technology, asset trading platform, etc. The advantage of talents and capital should be given full play to in order to construct a fintech eco-sphere facing both China and ASEAN.


(Overall view of industrial city)